Jodie Anderson-Bell

Jodie Anderson-Bell - GKS Law Managing Director

Managing Director


Succession Law

Wills & Estate Law


Bachelor of Arts (Justice Studies), Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Queensland University of Technology

Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, College of Law 


Supreme Court of Queensland


Queensland Law Society

Jodie Anderson-Bell came to us in 2016 after an interesting career that took her to Europe for over ten years. When she returned home she knew it was time for a career pivot which ultimately led to a law degree. Now she is our Wills & Estate Legal Practice Director, where she is the go-to expert on succession law.

Whether a client needs a basic will prepared, has some complex structured estate planning needs or is facing litigation, Jodie has the knowledge and expertise to help. She has been faced with unravelling the complexities and confusion that arose when an estate had six wills to contend with (and four of those unsigned!). But she’s also been involved in planning the disposition of a caravan, which though a small asset in monetary terms, was immensely important to the client. And, when it comes to litigation, Jodie has a unique perspective. She believes it’s her role to be the educated and skilled supporter and advocate for her clients as they work towards the resolution they want. Whatever the client’s situation and needs, Jodie provides personalised service tailored to the individual.

Jodie prides herself on engaging with her clients, and her clients love the way she takes the time to clearly explain all the steps and options available to them. But Jodie believes that helping clients today is just the first step. She also wants to arm them with knowledge that can help them in the future. That’s why Jodie so passionately believes that everybody over the age of 18 ought to be meeting with somebody to help them set up a will, think about their super and organise powers of attorney, among other things. This can be particularly daunting for clients. Many find it overwhelming and simply don’t want to do it. Jodie is the person for them – the person who will break down the complexities of the law and give it to them in a way they can understand.

Some of Jodie’s clients come to her at very difficult times in their lives. She is passionate about helping in a way that takes eliminates stress and simplifies and streamlines processes, rather than makes things more complex. Her clients love her light touch, her compassion and her ability to put herself in their shoes. At her core, Jodie is a people-first lawyer, which is just as it should be.

Of course Jodie has a life outside of work! Her love of Europe hasn’t quite left her and she still enjoys travelling with her family. Jodie also enjoys keeping active by running and walking.


  • Wills
  • Complex estate planning
  • Enduring powers of attorney
  • Retirement Village contracts
  • Applications for appointment of guardianship and/or administrator to QCAT
  • Deceased estates & trust administration
  • Intestate estates (estates where there is no will)
  • Challenges of wills
  • Superannuation challenges and complaints
  • Estate dispute resolution
  • Litigation


What Our Client’s Say

Very impressed with Kane Stegeman and his knowledge. Highly recommend the team and their services. 

– J Peut

I am very impressed with the level of knowledge, attention to detail and outstanding service. Thank you very much for a great job. I really appreciate it.

- A.Telegin

We would like again to thank the GKS Law team for their work. All has been completed to our satisfaction.


- T & S Scott