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Jodie was professional and supportive during the worst life event (death of Mum and family dispute). The slogan ‘partnering with you’ is exactly what Jodie has done. I will be forever grateful.

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What is the importance of a Will?

Everybody over the age of 18 should have a Will.

It’s the only legally binding document that will determine who will look after your assets after you pass and the way your estate is distributed.

If you don’t have a Will, then the law will decide who will take control of your estate and how that estate will be divided.

GKS Law Wills and Estates Team

Allow us to make this process stress free.

Preparing a Will is one of those tasks that we often put off but having a will is the only way to have peace of mind about how your estate will be distributed. Your wishes and your estate are not the same as anyone else’s.

At GKS Law, our team of specialist wills and estate lawyers help clients just like you with:

  • Constructing an effective Will
  • Estate planning
  • Offering advice on the legal and practical implications of your wishes. To ensure that your will reflects your wishes, our team will meet with you taking the time necessary to gain a thorough understanding of all the relevant details. After gaining the necessary understanding of your assets, your family, the needs and abilities of your intended beneficiaries, taxation issues and the way that you want your property left, we can create an estate plan that incorporates all the necessary pieces, which may include:
  • Wills
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney (personal/health care and financial care)
  • Advance Health Directives

At GKS Law, we appreciate that ….

Like your Will, making a power of attorney for your personal or financial matters is rarely something people like to consider in their day to day lives.

However, having a valid power of attorney is the only way to have your affairs looked after if you are incapacitated or incapable of making your own decisions.

If you don’t have a power of attorney in place you are leaving your care and finances up to chance. Even if you have a spouse, they cannot automatically step in and make decisions on your behalf. Think of it like an insurance policy – put it in place and hope that you never need it but have peace of mind in knowing that you will be looked after if the unforeseen happens.

Our experienced Wills and Estate Lawyers can assist you with making the correct form of power of attorney and guide you through the process to ensure you are protected well into the future.

Providing peace of mind during such a difficult time

An experienced estates lawyer is essential to ensure timely and efficient administration of any estate, whether or not the deceased left a Will.

Jodie Anderson-Bell and her team are experienced in assisting executors in probate and estate administration matters and will work with you to make certain that your loved one’s assets are administered and distributed properly.

Contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your estate administration or probate matter.

It is important to note that even if the original will is held with another law firm you as executor can choose who you would like to assist you through this difficult process.

Kane and all the staff at GKS Law were amazing help in my time of need. I had never needed legal assistance before so it was an extremely stressful situation, but Kane and his team helped me through my legal matters and achieved a great result. I highly recommended GKS Law to anyone needing help with a legal matter. Very professional and knowledgeable team. Thanks guys.

Dale Aquilina Avatar Dale Aquilina

Kane and his team provided support and guidance throughout the 14 month process. Kane specifically was extremely supportive and always ensured information was clearly presented and understood at all times.

Dawn berry Avatar Dawn berry

Couldn’t recommend GSKlaw enough! Kane and Sheree handled my claim with the utter most respect, and were thorough about all aspects necessary through the claims process and had exceptional communication throughout the duration. You can tell they’re passionate about their work which shows through their successes. Would highly recommend GSKlaw to anyone needing solicitor assistance.

Stefanie Mooney Avatar Stefanie Mooney