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Vehicle Accident Compensation Qld

Being involved in a vehicle accident can really put a dent in your day. However, if you know how to handle the situation from the moment it happens, you stand a better chance of getting through it okay. There are a few steps to follow when filing a vehicle accident claim.

Steps Involved In Filing a Vehicle Accident Compensation Claim

Before anything else, ensure that you and the other parties are safe and medical attention has been sought if required. If the accident is sever, ensure someone has made contact with authorities.

    How To Get Your Claim Started

    One of the first calls you should make following the accident is to your insurance broker. This is important as the time it takes to process your claim will depend on when it was started so the sooner you do that, the sooner you will reach a settlement. There will be several forms to fill out and it helps to do these while the details of your accident are still fresh in your memory. Some of the forms required include:

    • Report of Traffic Incident to Police
    • Car Accident Claim

    You will require details collected at the accident scene to ensure these forms are properly filled out. Some of the information needed includes:

    • Time, date, location of accident
    • Short description of the accident
    • Registration number of the vehicle driven by the driver who caused the accident
    • Contact information from all parties involved
    • Supporting documents (medical records, expense receipts, etc.)

    Timelines To Remember

    You have no more than nine months to file a personal injury claim to your CTP insurer. Once you file the paperwork, you will hear back from your insurer within 14 days. They will tell you whether or not your claim application has received approval and how much compensation you will receive, if any. If you choose to work with personal injury lawyers in Brisbane, your timeline shortens to one month to file your claim.


    What You Can Claim

    You can claim compensation whether you are at fault or not. The percentage of fault will have an impact on the amount of compensation, though. The idea behind compensation is to provide you with financial assistance as you recover from the accident. The support can cover lost wages (past or future), quality of life, physical rehabilitation, or cover medical expenses. Pain and suffering following the accident is also something that can be claimed.

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    How Much Compensation You Will Receive

    Three primary factors will measure how much compensation you will receive. They include:

    • The percentage of fault on your part of the accident
    • The severity of your injuries
    • How much the accident has impacted your life

    Essentially, if your accident results in only minor injuries that you were able to recover from quickly and hardly missed any work, your compensation will be minimal. On the other hand, if your injuries have caused permanent damage and forced you to take an extended leave from your job, the compensation package will be much greater.

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    Turn To GKS Law, Your Car Injury Lawyers In Brisbane


    There are a lot of moving parts in putting together a solid vehicle accident compensation claim. It is best to leave the hard work to professionals who understand car accident law in Brisbane. That means contacting GKS Law, the best personal injury lawyers in Brisbane. They can advise you on what you need to ensure your claim application goes through and results in compensation. Contact GKS Law, your car accident lawyers in Brisbane, today for details.

    Accident Claims Don’t Always Involve A Car

    Although they are commonly referred to as car accident claims, you can file a compensation claim if the accident you were in involves a truck, bus, RV, motorcycle, or bicycle. Claims don’t always come from drivers, either. A claim can be lodged by passengers in a vehicle, or pedestrians harmed as a result of the accident. Just remember to deal with a legal team with experience in personal injury law in north Brisbane.


    In Conclusion

    Nobody plans to be in a vehicle accident, but it helps to deal with the situation when you know what you have to do to get the ball rolling on a vehicle accident compensation claim. It makes sense to start by checking to see that everyone involved in the accident is okay, that authorities have been notified and medical help is on the way if needed. What happens after that is crucial to the final result of your car accident compensation claim. Your best option is to seek legal advice to ensure the odds are in your favour for the most compensation available to you.